Frequently Asked Questions
Before you take the time to come in, check the list below and see if we can answer one of your questions right here and now.
Are you less expensive than the Apple Store?
Almost always! Typically we are half of what apple charges, and much faster.
I spilled beer / wine / water / whatever on my laptop, is it doomed?
Don't worry, we can fix it! We specialize in liquid damage repairs, most of the time we repair the damage rather than replace expensive parts.
How fast can you fix my broken Mac?
Typically it takes 2-3 days, but we also offer a RUSH service where most of the time we can get it fixed same day.
Why should I come to you guys over another computer repair store?
We've been in business for 15 years, we are Apple certified, use only the highest quality parts and know what we are doing. We specialize in Apple repair, nothing else.
Do you guys work on Windows computers too?
No! We only work on Apple products. Never trust a PC shop that says they can fix a Mac, it never turns out well.
My Mac is super slow, is it toast? Should i just buy a new one?
Most of the time a new Mac is not the best answer. We can make your mac faster than when you first got it, for cheap too.
Why should I have you fix my broken phone when there are places that charge much less? (I found another shop that says they can do it for less, Why should I take my phone to you?)
Most places in Colorado use cheap aftermarket parts that break faster and are much lower quality. We use the original parts from Apple, so you get the best quality available. We stand behind or work and offer a one month warranty. Most places offer no such thing.
My Mac is old, can you still fix it?
We can fix anything Apple has made for the past 20 years.
Can you guys fix my computer under AppleCare?
If it’s under the Apple warranty, then the Apple store is your best option. Sometimes they will say the problem is caused by you, and thus no longer under warranty — that's where we come in.
Apple says you can’t fix iPads.
What they mean is that THEY can’t repair them. We do it every day.
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