Virus/Adware/Spyware Removal

The Cure for Your Mac.

Sadly, the days of a virus free Mac have ended. Here at Denver Mac Repair, we now find ourselves doing the unspeakable almost daily, Virus/Adware/Spyware removal on Macs.

Adware and malware can have negative affects on your computer in many different ways; from an unwanted app that disrupts your work and slows down your machine, to redirects on your browser that take you to a sales or warning page that prevents you from using the internet. It can also monitor your behavior and send out personal information without your consent, even take photos of you without your knowledge!

Our Virus/Adware/Spyware removal services include scanning your entire machine for malicious software and code, then purging it from your system. We will also remove any programs or extensions that are causing your internet browser to redirect you to unwanted pages. You can stop by or call anytime if you suspect your Mac is up to no good and want it fixed fast!

Our Doors Are Open
As long as it’s during our business hours, you can bring your Mac in for a Virus/Adware/Spyware Removal. We’ll give you a time / price estimate right on the spot.
Time Is Important
We want to respect your schedule. Once we’ve agreed upon a final c​ompletion ​time, rest assured that it will be met. All these services are typically completed SAME DAY.
Always the Right Price
Generally, we’ll charge 50 bucks for Virus/Adware/Spyware removal.

We understand that your livelihood may very well depend on your computer. We also understand that you may not be able to pay to fix your broken computer. This sort of catch-22 is no fun for anyone.

We want to help you, which is why we do a free repair and/or upgrade every month. If you need us, please send us a detailed email explaining your situation.

Proudly Employing Only Macintosh Certified Technicians
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