Watch Repair

Time not on your side?

This little device has tons of useful features, not the least of which is showing you the time at a glance. But, not unlike every other beautiful Apple product, they too can suffer damage from time to time. Lucky for you Crested Butte Mac Repair is there for you when that time comes. We’ve got your back so you can get back to closing those circles in no time.

Apple Watch Series 1 Repair

Old but Gold
Your wrist soldier served you right for some seriously long time. Whether its battery life has drastically decreased or you have got a couple of dents or cracks on its screen, we will fix it and make it look brand new. No need to wait, just rock up!

Apple Watch Series 2 Repair

Splash and Crash!
Unresponsive screen? Perhaps the battery has gotten flat after running too many processes. Not to worry, our specialists will run the tests and repair your watch in no time. Call over any time with no appointments scheduled. 

Apple Watch Series 3 Repair

Packed with potential
Apple Watch Series 3 came out packed with new features compared to its predecessors, exciting, isn’t it? Given its capacity and capabilities, you sure would hope to extend its life cycle at any cost. Battery runs low? Screen is a bit cracked? We can fix it! And it won’t cost you a leg or an arm.

Apple Watch Series 4 Repair

In sickness and health you will be together.
Because your watch is pretty much exposed to everything you do, could it be a mud race or an intense office work, you might want to know you can rely on our competent repair service  in case it comes to times when your watch says “Enough is enough”. No mate, it’s never enough! We will get it fixed, replace its battery or brush up on dents.

Apple Watch Series 5 Repair

The more the merrier!
The more features your watch has, the more you are likely to utilize it, and so there is more pressure on its battery. All our Techs are Apple certified and only use genuine service parts to bring your watch back to life. So, in times of crisis, come on over, we will take a good look at your watch and we sure will do everything we can to fix it. 
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