Let us pick up the pieces.
Screens shatter. Batteries weaken. We know you probably live on your phone, which is why we offer super-fast screen and battery replacement on all iPhone models. Typically repairs takes less than 30 minutes. All parts are ultra high quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and all techs are Apple Certified. Your phone will feel right at home in our hands.

iPhone SE 2 Repair

Size matters!
Here it is, the most popular size of an iPhone is back, packed with brilliance. It is light and fluid, and you don’t want to see it fall as, let’s be honest, beauty is fragile. However, there is nothing we can’t fix! Rock up and let us take a look at it in case of SE2 disaster.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Repair

Lucky 13-th Generation!
Broken not-so-little-iPhone 11 Pro Max is a scene from a horror movie. Hurry up and trust us with its fastest recovery! Here, in Crested Butte Mac Repair we are worth our salt, we will fix it to the point it looks brand new.

iPhone 11 Pro Repair

Classy, glassy, slippy…
It just got a whole lot harder to watch it slip out of your hand or swept off your desk. New, features-packed Apple beauty will be taken care of, repaired, brushed up, and fixed - no appointment needed.

iPhone 11 Repair

Design over durability.
Design matters, so durability got stood up a bit as iPhone 11 is made of aluminum and not so stainless steel. The amount of features though is impressive, and you sure will want to take it on an adventure...where things happen. Don’t fret yet, remain calm, we are equipped to repair it and return it looking new and shiny.

iPhone XS MAX Repair

Monstrous 6.5-inch panel - double trouble?
Imagine your beloved XS MAX that thoroughly lives up to its “max” performance comes crashing down out of your hand or pocket, heart attack no more no less. Rest assured though, we are more than capable of replacing your front screen, repairing a shattered back, or replacing essential parts.

iPhone XS Repair

The more action, the better!
Since there is no proof of any additional sealing to increase the iPhone’s water resistance, there might be an occasion when your dear friend challenges its water resistance feature. Give us a go, we will make sure you reunite with your phone in the shortest possible time.

iPhone XR Repair

One step forward, two steps backward.
Rumor has it, not only this iPhone has surprisingly good battery life, it is also hardly breakable. Yet, anything that can go wrong, at some point will. Whether it’s your screen or camera failure, we will happily help you to extend its life and embrace its perks for as long as you wish.

iPhone X Repair

Jaw droppingly expensive purchase.
The face-recognition capable and all the way astonishingly powerful iPhone X should survive years of enjoyable utilization and score its top performance. However, drop tests revealed some design flaws..Put your mind at ease, we have all the tools and experience to get it fixed.

iPhone 8 Plus Repair

More Glass, More Bulk…
Heavier than its predecessors, this model of iPhone might hop right out of your hand when you are on the go. Have no fear, all the repairs can be done shortly after we access the damage, and the preloved one will be at your service again.

iPhone 8 Repair

Break-friendly glass back?
Environment-friendly with the addition of a glass back iPhone 8 will serve you right up until an accident happens. Energy and material efficient, it still is delicate when it comes to shattered screen. Worry not, we will get it up and running in no time, just drop by and say hi.

iPhone 7 Plus Repair

New phone, same glass
Whether it’s matte or glossy, it still breaks when you drop it. They don’t make these things out of rubber, that’s definitely glass on the front. No appointment needed, we can get you back to taking portraits with that fancy dual camera faster than you can say “CHEESE”!

iPhone 7 Repair

Waterproof? Mostly…
They didn’t take out the headphone jack to make the phone sturdier. It may be more resistant to water but it’s not impervious. So if it breaks or gets wet, don’t even call us. Just stop on by and we’ll take care of the rest.

iPhone SE Repair

Some say the perfect size.
Classic design, new internals, same glass screen. Whether it’s a wet phone or a broken one, we have been working on this phone since it’s debut as the 5s. We’ve got the experience to get you back up and running.

iPhone 6s Plus Repair

Not a one-handed phone.
Was that plus sized iPhone is too much for one hand? When that day comes for you, don’t be embarrassed. You were by no means the first to end up on the broken end of a phone.

iPhone 6s Repair

Sleek, smooth, slippery.
Sometimes it seems like the ’s’ stands for ‘slippery’. When that iPhone just slips out of your hand or pocket chances are it is not going to land in a pile of feathers. No need to fear! All iPhones 6s screen repairs can be done in less than an hour and even if it lands in something wet all hope is not lost.

iPhone 6 Plus Repair

Bigger screen, bigger problems.
Let's assume, for a second, that your skinny jeans didn't bend your iPhone 6 Plus. What we imagine happened is that your iPhone 6 Plus took a fall, either on something hard or in something wet (or both). Fortunately, this is a non-issue. Broken glass and water damage are iPhone 6 Plus issues that we see — and repair — every day.

iPhone 6 Repair

Shiny. New. Shattered.
Putting a case on that ultra-thin iPhone 6 feels like taking a shower with your clothes on. We support you enjoying your device to its fullest and we will always fix your broken iPhone 6 screen for our listed price. Any water-damaged pieces will be fixed or replaced with actual Apple OEM parts.

iPhone 5s Repair

Keep on Keepin’ On.
We get it — you want to hang on to that upgrade. There's more to be had out of your iPhone 5S. We're here to make sure that your 5S has the lifetime you need it to, rather than what they want it to.

iPhone 5c Repair

Yellow, Blue, Green, Broken.
You like the way your iPhone 5C looks. it’s snazzy, and you want to keep it a while longer. Let us take a look at your broken iPhone 5C — chances are, we’ll hand it back in perfect working order.

iPhone 5 Repair

Mid-life crisis.
The iPhone 5 heralded some very significant upgrades over its predecessor. Now, it serves as a remembrance of the good old days. Days when phones actually fit in your hand, and you could text with just one thumb. Never fear — we’ll repair your iPhone 5 so that you can one-hand-text for years to come.

iPhone 4s Repair

Small, brick-like, but not so sturdy.
Glass in the front. Glass in the back. This phone was meant to shatter. Fortunately, replacing both the front and/or the back of the iPhone 4s can be done in little-to-no time.

iPhone 4 Repair

It may be old, but it sure is broken.
Congratulations on keeping your iPhone 4 as long as you have — we don’t expect to see you around here often. Alas, with time comes change. Your iPhone 4 spent some time at the bottom of the toilet, on a concrete sidewalk, or just up and died. we’ll bring your iPhone 4 back to life at a lowest-possible cost / time investment from you.
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